9 Stunning Luxury Recreational Vehicles That Rival Most Homes

9 Stunning Luxury Recreational Vehicles That Rival Most Homes

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Who said that you have to rough it the next time you go camping? You should live a little and maybe even treat yourself to a little glamping, or a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

A staple of western culture, recreational vehicles or RVs offers families and couples the chance to take on the open road in style, with all the amenities of home, and comforts of suburban life.

Recreational vehicles tend to include some of the same conveniences from home, like a kitchen, bedroom, and even a fully functioning bathroom on some of the newer models. However, did you know there was an entire another level?

Luxury recreational vehicles offer the well endowed almost anything they want on wheels. From mini pools to helipads, you can almost build anything when money is not an issue.

Luxury RVs are a growing trend among the wealthy and for a good reason. Why not go out in the wilderness with your own luxury apartment on wheels?

Volkner Mobil Performance II

German engineered with a touch of modern European luxury, the Volkner Mobil Performance II is a recreational vehicle that could rival most apartments. Stepping into the vehicle you are greeted with its buttercream interior and a host of amenities.

The minimal interior has a living area, kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom all touched by the luxury of marble tiles.

From its coffee maker to its dishwasher, you are not going to want to leave the road with this vehicle. The $1.5 million recreational vehicle even comes with a mini garage for your sports car.

Newmar King Aire 4553

If you have a $1 million burning in your pocket, you may want to pick up the Newmar King Aire 4553. A little more simple than most of the luxury RVs on this list, the Newmar is a comfy home for families.

Yet $1 million still gets you a lot as the vehicle is equipped with a lavish bedroom, state-of-the-art driving and safety technology, plenty of living space, and a massive bedroom.

The Foretravel IH-45

Setting you back a cool $1.3 million the Foretravel IH-45 is a luxury recreational vehicle with tons of rustic charm. You will feel at home with the RV’s full sized washer and dryer, outdoor entertainment center, built-vacuum, king sized bed, and massive television.

Foretravel RVs also include a rooftop with A/C units and technology to help reduce road noise as you are relaxing on the RV.

Anderson Mobile Estates

For the ultimate custom luxury experience, the wealthy head over to the Anderson Mobile Estates. Starting usually around $1.8 million, the RVs have been driven by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Will Smith.

Luxury RV from Anderson Mobile Estates can have remote controlled appliances, a full music studio, and built-in bar. Whatever you can imagine, Anderson Mobile Estates will deliver.

Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition

The $2.2 million luxury Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition RV gives owners the ultimate control over the ride of their vehicle.

Controlled by a custom iPad programming system, users can control just about everything in the RV, tailoring the spacious RV to their needs.

The luxury RV even features a huge 60-inch outdoor TV so you can enjoy “the game” while in the outdoors.

Marathon Coach Prevost H3-45 #1281

Now if you are curious what $2 million+ can get you in a recreational vehicle be sure to check out Marathon Coach.

Their H3-45 homes are extremely opulent, moving from just being a luxury RV to a mini palace on wheels.

Like many RVs on this list, the interior is completely designed to fit the expectations of the wealthy owners.

However, some models are completely decked out in marble floors, an electric fireplace, a sauna, and multiple flat-screen televisions.

Furrion Elysium

The more you spend the more you get. Coming in at $2.5 million, the Furrion Elysium will make your jaw drop. Forget about all your traditional amenities, this luxury RV has all of that plus much much more.

The Furrion Elysium has a kitchen that would rival most home kitchen’s around the world, not to mention a cinema-style TV and surround system.

If you get a little cabin fever you head upstairs to the balcony, where you will find the jacuzzi and upper deck. You can even add a helipad if you would like.

The Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus

Comfy and spacious are words not normally associated with recreational vehicles. However, this isn’t just any recreational vehicle.

The massive $2.3 million dollar RV comes with a huge bedroom, king-sized bed, hardwood floors, and plenty of entertainment room.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior is where modern design and old luxury come together to create a truly unique recreational experience.

The RV features a lot of interesting engineering, as the moving house also has an impressive array of technology.

With its massive sky windows, built-in cocktail bar, and a fully functioning fireplace, the luxury RV was built for a king.

The unique white and rose gold interior matches the EleMMent Palazzo’s unique exterior design. Costing a whopping $3 million, the RV even has an upper deck for entertaining guests.

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